Being up-to-date, respect to customers and trying to satisfy them, appropriate responsiveness and having enough web design knowledge are some of YektaPardaz's positive features.

-- Maryam Akhavan - Project Manager at Energy Gostar

Young and expert team in YektaPardaz, by using their experiences and knowledge, beside being customer oriented are one of the best web design companies. Our experiment with YektaPardaz was one of our best cooperations.

-- Hossein Entezari, KetabPezeshki Manager

There my be so many web design companies which create stylish and powerful websites, but I am sure that responsiveness and technical support could not be found in all of them. I believe that besides having expertise in stylish and powerful web design, YektaPardaz is very good at technical support.

-- Sadegh Sepandar - University Teacher

Cooperating with YektaPardaz was one of the successful experiments of Checkad. Being up-to-date, having high experience, knowing the expectations of industries, respecting the customers and responsibility is among the features we found out about them during the website implementation process.

-- Shahab Ziayi, marketing manager at Checkad Sanat Zarrin

We are satisfied with the website designed by YektaPardaz because it is so stylish, usable, and has powerful website features. Beside that, we have to say that we had a very nice interaction during the process of web design.

-- Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, Noavaran Tejarat Zeytoon CEO

Quickness and accuracy of the developers in YektaPardaz along with responsibility and their effort on satisfying clients are the factors that make this company distinct. This was a nice experiment working with Yekta Pardaz.

-- Ahmad Rezayi, Active Computer CEO

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